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Solar-formula 2003 HMF- IDV GMF 3600 sweep @ 85N
SSC Amplitude Envelope MM formula N-S-excess NMP-Ydipole
SSN_amplitude LostCycle 4a Global Mag Anomaly
MM SSN Formula Polar Fields NH GMFevolution
SSN+GCR+Formula PolarFields-1 S A Magnetic Anomaly
SSNAnomaly1 PF-extrapolation Length of Day + GMF
Cycle Anomalies Livingst-Penn-Polar Fields GTmp vs HBGMF
SSCAnomaly Wang, Lean +V formula GT-GMFcorrel
SSN-Anmly composite Solanki+V formula GMField(60N90W)+Glob Temps
Composite SSN + formulae PF -latesta NordicCntrs-ArcticGMF
FFT-SSN Power-Spectrum N-S PMF HLamb CET vs GMF
SC17-SC23 SC H.Lamb - J.Eddy temperature SSN-GMF
400day subcycle CET S/W 1860-2010 ENSO - GMF
Grand Minima CET (central England temps) Arctic Temp - GMFa
HC modulation CET Summer/Winter trends


SunSpot distribution CET December temp LFC & CET filesa
Hemispherical asymmetry NorthAtlantic-TempAnom





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