10 - 12 year outlook:

-          Pressure gradient between the subtropical Azores high and the Icelandic low is reduced, weakening the Westerlies over the North Atlantic Ocean.

-          Negative NAO winters have fewer winter storms that are generally weaker and follow a more easterly route.


-          Winter along the eastern coast of the United States is cold

-          Northern Europe is cold and dry

-          Mediterranean winter is warm and wet

-          North East Canada winter is relatively mild.

North Atlantic may be a good guide to the future.

There are good data for the most parameters since 1950/60.

-         Strength of the N. Atlantic's currents index NAP (developed by M. A. Vukcevic)  is on a decadal down-slope

-         the N. Atlantic pressure differential  (NAO) has parted the way some 10 years ago

-         the Sea Surface Temperature (AMO) is still holding the line.

More charts can be found here: Graphs and Formulae

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