Author M.A. Vukcevic (independent researcher)

reviewer Dr. L. Svalgaard (solar scientist Stanford University)


Dr. Svalgaard you have the data (I emailed the Excel file), you have access to my calculations the result is shown in Fig. 1.

As you can see the Geo-Solar Cycle is very close to the AMO, and even closer to the N. Hemisphere's temperatures which (btw) are more accurate.



Your Solar-Geo data is not described. Some of what you call 'data' is not. It is made up.



Data is combination of two sets of numbers

a) sunspot number as available from SIDC, world centre.

b) Periodic oscillation (Cosine function) as a component of the magnetic field at Earth's core derived from data by Andrew Jackson(ETHZ) and Jeremy Bloxham(Harvard University).

Only thing I did is a simple arithmetic operation, whereby the 'geo-solar cycle' (combination of the Earth's and solar) is moved forward by 15 years.

If you say that I made up data by combining above two by using simple sum than I agree entirely, I am guilty of putting them together.

Of course if you have two sets of scalar or vector values, and then you perform simple arithmetic calculation, the result is MADE UP of two sets of data into a new one, in this case, surprisingly good approximation of the natural temperature variability in the North Hemisphere.



That is precisely what 'made up' data is: you take two physically unrelated sets and make up their combination.



I was getting a bit concerned about this 'you made-up the data'; implication 'you are fraud'

You said elsewhere that the geomagnetic field is made of two components:

1.The Earth's magnetic field

2.Short term response (few days) changes caused by solar wind impact on the magnetosphere.

That is precisely what I have done: Using annual sunspot number as a representative of the long term (on the decadal scale) solar magnetic field impact and the small variable component of the Earth's magnetic field, as calculated from data by Jackson and Bloxam.



Fraud implies intent, and I don't think there is intent. You can correct me if I'm wrong.

The sunspot number and the secular changes of the Earth's field are unrelated



Earth magnetic change exists, sunspot number is the representative of the solar magnetic changes, it is fact that both act on the oceans and the lithosphere (inducing electric currents), the physics is certain, so effect of one can be modulated by or added to the other, only degree of intensity is questionable.



 But not on each other, and their impact on the oceans is too small and short-lived [hours for the solar part] to have any significant effect on anything. These currents are very short-lived. The science is what I just told you, the two series are unrelated on the time scale you are considering.



Solar magnetic field changes impacting the Earth's magnetosphere, through number of intermediately steps  into the oceans and the lithosphere. These create secondary magnetic fields, which may or may not be in polarity conflict with the Earth's field at time of impact. Possible transfer mechanisms is not considered but could include: Svensmark effect, Lorentz forces re: intensity of the ocean currents,  Lorentz force on sea water ions resulting into breakdown of the integrity of the thermo-haline layers etc



These currents are very short-lived.

Fig. 1

More charts can be found here: Graphs and Formulae
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